Get Well Jello (Godiva Chocolate & Cherries)

August 10, 2011 at 9:17 pm | Posted in Cherry, Chocolate, Vanilla | 2 Comments
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This jello mold was created especially for my friend Angeli who suffered an unfortunate climbing wall accident resulting in even more unfortunate knee surgery resulting in her being couch-ridden and hopped on pain pills for several weeks.  This black cherry topped jello mold is made with D’gari brand vanilla gelatin prepared with milk. In the mix is an added bonus of nearly an entire bottle Godiva chocolate liqueur (minus whatever I chugged while preparing it). This rich and indulgent dessert was made with the intention of completely making up for the fact that her entire summer was ruined by an ill-timed sports injury.  Hope you are back on your feet soon Angeli!


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  1. If I have more birthdays and injuries, will you make me more jellos? This was delicious!

    • Absolutely! But let’s hope for more birthdays and no more injuries.

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