Jello Press

The New York Times: March 3rd 2010. 


 The Splendid Table public radio interview: June 5th 2010.


OprahMay 3rd 2012.


Real Eats cover story and book preview: January 27th 2012.


Woman’s World Magazine: June 25th 2012.


The Chew talk show: February 6th 2012. 


The Etsy Blog How-Tuesday video spot: November 1st 2011. 


The Kitchn guest blogger article: April 27th 2010. 


Time Out ChicagoMarch 20th 2012. 


Cooking Channel Devour the blogMay 17th 2012. 


Food & WineDecember 2009. 


GothamistJune 28th 2010.


The Kitchn: May 11th 2012. 


BuzzFeedFebruary 26th 2014. 



Food Network: Summer 2015

FoodNetwork 1


Slashfood: Jello Mistress Caps Off “Lost” with Gelatin Tribute May 24th 2010. 

Fine Cooking [Best of the Blogs]: There Is Always Room For… June 11th 2010. 

The Globe and Mail: Gelatin gets the jiggle back on September 8th 2010. 

Kitchen Daily: Various recipes created for the site October-November 2010.

Yahoo! Shine: 6 unexpectedly awesome holiday jello molds November 22nd 2010. 

Mental Floss: The Art of Jello February 27th 2011.

The Recipe Club: Hello, Jell-O! and a Serious Case of Nostalgia February 25th 2012.

Seattle Weekly: Hello, Jell-O! Brings Back the Jell-O Mold March 12th 2012.

Serge the Concierge: Jello Mold Mistress lifts Veil on Hello Jell-O! March 13th 2012.

Style at Home Magazine: Chocolate raspberry mousse cups March 28th 2012.

Color Me Katie: Things that make me oh so happy April 13th 2012.

The Knot LIVE: VIP Visionary and a Wedding Kids’ Table May 25th 2012.

Greenpointers: Hello, Jell-O! The Solution To Summer Dessert Dilemmas June 11, 2012.

Marketplace Money Report: Piggy Bank Award June 29th 2012. 

The Cooking Channel blog: Various recipes created for the site June-September 2012.

Zester Daily: Book Review August 23rd 2012.

CBS Sunday Morning: Wiggle Room September 9th 2012.

FoodBeast: A NYE Must: Sparkling Champagne Strawberry Jello December 11th 2012.

The New York Times: Tongue in Cheek, Aiming at a Sweet Tooth December 17th 2012.

All Free Copycat Recipes: Hello, Jell-O! Cookbook Review February 5th 2013.

Make: Magazine: How-To: Cadbury Irish Creme Eggs March 27th 2013.

Parade Magazine: Petite Watermelons April 22nd 2013.

New York Family Magazine: 3 Whimsical Springtime Recipes For Kids May 1st 2013. 

The Roanoke Times: Shaking things up with Jell-O June 12th 2013.

USA Today: Tricks for making creepy Halloween Jell-O treats October 25th 2013.

eHow: Winter Holiday Jello Mold Recipes November-December 2013.

America Weekend Talk Radio: Meet The Jello Mold Mistress November 24th 2013. 

New York Lottery: Holiday Traditions December 2013.  

BuzzFeed: 33 Next-Level Tips For A Bloody Mary Bar December 28th 2013.

The Nest: 4 Ways to Throw a Pinterest-Perfect Mardi Gras Party March 30th 2014.

TheWeek: 8 weird and fantastic food blogs May 27th 2014. 

DIY Ready: Best Jello Shot Recipes May 29th 2014.

She Knows Canada: Canadian Flag-Inspired Treats June 27th 2014. 

Make: Magazine: Tequila Sunrise Shots July 29th 2014.

She Knows: 25 Best Jell-O shots … to celebrate New Year’s December 29th 2014.

Delish: Spread the Love with These 11 Valentine’s Day Jelly Shots Feb 2015.

Top Inspired: Top 10 Peach Desserts That Will Leave You Craving For More Feb 14th 2015. 

Community Table: 9 Ridiculously Creative Ways to Serve Shots July 1st 2015.

Stupid Dope: A New Way To Shoot Jello! Pink Lemonade Jello Shots September 21st 2015.

52Food: Agar Agar is Inconsistent, Wily & Mysterious July 21st 2016.

 Cute Overload: ANOTHER perfect Jello! December 25th 2009.


The New York Post: Star Hamster Well-Trained December 1st, 2009



Gothamist: Edie Leaves 4 Train For BicycleJanuary 12th 2010. 

Edie Bike Gothamist


The Fluffington Post: Hamster Chef Lands Food Network Series March 20th 2012.

Fluff Po


Gothamist: Hamster Rides The 4 Train December 1st 2009. 

BuzzFeed: Hamster Riding a Tiny Subway December 2nd 2009.

Cute Overload: “The train is perfectly hamster sized…” December 5th 2009. 

PEOPLE pets: Holiday Hamster! Little Edie Poses with Jell-O Mold December 15th 2009. 

VH1: 7 Photos Of Hamsters Living As Small Furry People March 21st 2012. 

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  1. I love all of this!!!!🙂

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