Götterspeise Jello Shots

My friends Art and Marty recently returned from gallivanting around Europe, Berlin and Amsterdam mostly, and brought me some Euro-gelatin from both destinations.  The German Götter Speise gelatin came in three flavors Himbeer (raspberry), Zitronen (lemon), and Waldmeister, which I assumed was lime by its green color but is actually Woodruff and had an herbal flavor. Combined with a little Vodka I used these gelatins to create rainbow jello shots for a summer rooftop party.


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4 Responses

  1. patrick

    An interesting point is the meaning of Götter Speise
    (or correctly as one word: Götterspeise),
    which means God’s Food.
    Or more poetically as Food of the Gods.

  2. Hi 😀 I’m so glad to see your posting by Google.
    I’m Korean. So I can’t speak english fluently.
    Please understand even if you can’t understand me clearly.

    My friend brought me these product.
    So I wanna post some picture and information refer to Götter Speise in my blog.
    And I found nice picture and info in your blog.
    So I wanna use your picture and info(like color, taste,and meaning of product).
    May I use your picture and info?

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