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Götterspeise Jello Shots

My friends Art and Marty recently returned from gallivanting around Europe, Berlin and Amsterdam mostly, and brought me some Euro-gelatin from both destinations.  The German Götter Speise gelatin came in three flavors Himbeer (raspberry), Zitronen (lemon), and Waldmeister, which I assumed was lime by its green color but is actually Woodruff and had an herbal flavor. Combined with a little Vodka I used these gelatins to create rainbow jello shots for a summer rooftop party.

4 thoughts on “Götterspeise Jello Shots

  1. An interesting point is the meaning of Götter Speise
    (or correctly as one word: Götterspeise),
    which means God’s Food.
    Or more poetically as Food of the Gods.

    1. I actually looked unsuccessfully for a meaningful translation and decided that it just must be an overly complicated German word for gelatin. Being the “Food of the Gods” defiantly gives new importance to these jello shots. Thanks Patrick!

  2. Hi 😀 I’m so glad to see your posting by Google.
    I’m Korean. So I can’t speak english fluently.
    Please understand even if you can’t understand me clearly.

    My friend brought me these product.
    So I wanna post some picture and information refer to Götter Speise in my blog.
    And I found nice picture and info in your blog.
    So I wanna use your picture and info(like color, taste,and meaning of product).
    May I use your picture and info?

    1. Hi. Yes you may use my photos and info regarding this jello. Please give me credit for the photo and post a link back to my blog. Thank you!

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