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Mimosa Jello

Claire’s annual birthday brunch was a hit this year and so was my Mimosa Jello made with OJ and an entire bottle of champagne. Happy Birthday Claire!

6 thoughts on “Mimosa Jello

  1. Amazing blog!!! Do you have recipes for these or are they so easy to make you just follow the box directions and substitute different liquids?

    1. I’m keeping some of my more elaborate recipes top-secret in the hopes that maybe one day I can get a book deal or some other money making endorsement. (Anything can happen, right?) But this jello is pretty simple: boil 3 cups OJ, add 4 envelopes of Knox unflavored gelatin, stir until completely dissolved then add a bottle of champagne (about 3 1/3 cups, minus the few swigs you took from the bottle while making the jello). Then pour into mold and let set overnight. For added texture you can add a can of Mandarin orange slices, well drained. Allow the jello to thicken to gel in the freezer before string in the Mandarin oranges and spooning into the mold.

      1. I think I saw a movie about a blogger who got a book deal this summer. So there’s hope! Thanks for the info! Can’t wait to experiment. Keep up the great work!

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