Lime · Pineapple

Pineapple Jello

Pineapple Jello

Marty Pineapple

Marty is extra excited about this gelatinous pineapple replica made with pineapple and lime jello and crushed pineapple.  Rebecca found this mold in upstate NY and gave it to me. Thank you Rebecca.

Pineapple is the symbol of welcome. In this case welcome to Fall.

2 thoughts on “Pineapple Jello

  1. I have this mold and am having a 50’s themed bridal shower for my daughter. How did you get the two colors side by side. I understand the layering but can’t figure out the side by side and want to recreate this. Please let me know. Thanks, Robin

    1. Hi Robin,

      In order to suspend the crushed pineapple in the gelatin and to get the two colors to sit side by side you need to refrigerate the gelatin until it thickens to the consistency of a gel. Prepare the lime and pineapple gelatins using 25% less water than recommended on the box (you’ll need more pineapple gelatin than lime) . Refrigerate until thickened to a gel and then fold the crushed pineapple into each (I forget how much I used but you can use your judgment- anywhere from 50% to 75% the volume of the gelatin should set without a problem). Then begin to spoon the gelatin into the mold with alternating spoonfuls of each color. If the two colors start to bleed together, you might need to refrigerate each a little longer to make each a little thicker making sure that they don’t thicken too much (if they do, you can always put the mixture over heat to melt it down a bit and then try again).

      Good luck and thanks!

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