Marbled Stained Glass Jello

Inspired by the Stained Glass Jello, I decided to get a little experimental with this year’s 4th of July jello. For these red, white, and blue mini molds I heated up chunks of stained glass jello, pre-made in a pan, directly in the molds themselves over the gas stove. It only took a few seconds for the jello to melt down enough to form to the mold and for the colors to run into this beautiful marbled pattern. For added patriotic enthusiasm, the strawberry and blueberry gelatin is made with a little vodka, all suspended in sweet and creamy condensed milk.  Happy 4th of July!

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3 Responses

  1. wickedpix

    What a fantastic idea. To bad I can tastes it.
    Wow … I can just taste it my mouth. With the buzz of the Vodka.
    This is a real explosion in you mouth.
    HAPPY 4th of July … My friend!

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