Stained Glass Jello

Laura (aka Lil Mama) brought this recipe to my attention. Its is constructed of blocks of strawberry, lime, and blueberry Jello suspended in a mixture of Knox and what I consider to be God’s gift to gelatin: sweetened condensed milk.  MmmMmm!

Expect more sweetened condensed milk jellos because it’s really very amazing.Stained Glass Jello Prep

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  1. sandy

    Saw the article that had pictures of the stained glass jello (with condensed milk). Where can I find this recipe????

      1. Marilyn DeRight

        Tracked you down after seeing your work in the NYTimes. Came for one recipe and discovered so many more. One will be part of a special dinner for departing friends next weeks. Thanks in advance.

  2. sol

    Hi! I came through the article on the NYT on condensed milk, and I want to tell you that your blog is absolute genius. And these stained glass jellos are AMAZING. I love you.

  3. emily vinik

    Thank you for posting the link to this recipe! Desperate for a dazzling dessert for pre-Oscar dinner party and this is it. Saw the photo in the NYT. Love your site and recipes – very inspiring.

  4. Glad you liked the jello on my site! I have had a lot of fun with it! Recently, I made it for Valentine’s day with peach and cherry jello.

    Your blog is fun! – mary the food librarian

  5. Faye


    In my enthusiasm to create this dazzling masterpiece, I did not wait for the milk jello to COOL before adding it to the cubes. Some of the red jello melted a bit and it turned the whole works pink-ish. AAck. Hopefully my guests will forgive, and it will probably taste good anyway.

  6. Dianna

    Hello! So, yes, I too came across your blog becauase of the NYTimes article. I’m quasi-addicted to your blog now and wish you could just make jello all day long, so there would be copious amounts of new jello creations to look at each day.

    But I’ve also taken a stab at making the peaches and cream, but instead of cool whip i used sweetened condensed milk. The milk isn’t as white as depicted in your pictures here, but more like off-white/tannish. Do you use a particular brand that has stunningly white sweetened condensed milk? What ratio of water to milk do you use with the knox?

  7. Susie

    Cathedral Windows is a dessert from my childhood in the Philippines! I loved seeing your version, albeit named differently! It is susally made for Christmas with cubes of green and red jello. I am so enjoying your blog!

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