Cherry Bomb

Inspired by the Japanese cherry jelly treat Sakurando, these little cherry bombs explode with flavor. These bite-size jello shots are made from cinnamon flavored schnapps and maraschino cherries, and made a huge impact at Art and Marty’s first BBQ of the season. Happy Spring!

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16 Responses

  1. GJ

    Victoria, you mentioned recently that your book will be published in early 2012. Any chance the publisher will move the date up so that the books can be purchased as holiday gifts and your delicious recipes can be made for holiday parties? I know if you issue an early release for readers of your blog, I will buy my copies in 2011 if given the chance.

  2. Jennifer

    So how did you make one of the cherries blue, or did it come that way? Love the cherry/goldschlager combination, by the way.

      1. Victoria King

        OMG where could I get them at? I’m going to follow you just because of this picture, and if your other recipes are any thing like this one. I will be a follower.I look forward to your book this coming year. Yeea!

  3. suzanne miller

    first time on your it..but do you give out any recipes on how to make what you show?

  4. Heidi

    Hello I was wondering how to order your book for all of these fantastic recipes….love them! Please let me know…thanks

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