Red Bean Jello

Forget about those Red Roses and try Red Beans instead this Valentine’s Day. This heart shaped mold is made with red bean ice cream and trimmed with sweetened condensed milk.  Rather than go for the obvious red cherry flavor, I wanted to try something more exotic.  Red beans (also known as Azuki) are used in many Asian confections and when made into ice cream produce a sweet and unique favor.  This mold, with its quilted texture and ribboned edges, reminds me of one of those cutesy, lace-trimmed, plush hearts you’d get from your junior high sweetheart (or your parents) for Valentine’s. Happy Valentine’s Day!


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9 Responses

  1. Marsha

    Hello – I love you blog and love jello! I want to make the Red Bean Jello but can’t figure out how to find/print the recipe. Help!

      1. Josy

        Yay! I was looking for the recipe. I’m going to make this for Valentines day and I honestly don’t care about Valentine’s Day. This changes everything!! : D

  2. Great post! I love your quirky twist on Valentines day! Does this have to be kept frozen because it is made of ice cream or is it able to sit out for a little while, like on a buffet?

  3. Claudia T

    So clever! I love red bean desserts (I’m Asian! what can I say) they are sweet without being overly fake and sugary tasting. I really think I will try this. I don’t have a large mold, but I have silicone heart-shaped cupcake liners, and that might do it!

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