Hot Chile Chocolate

Its is officially winter hear in New York as the day time highs have dropped to 35° and snow flurries have begun to fall in the morning. This winter-time jello mold can help you warm up. Inspired by Mexican spicy hot chocolate this jello is made with real milk, cocoa, and hot chili powder.  The combination of sweet, rich chocolate and spicy chile creates a very exotic flavor, topped will cool whipped cream and garnished with coco powder. This is the first of many jello recipes to come that will appear in my new book I have recently begun work on.  Stay warm!

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2 Responses

  1. Meghan

    It seems some is passing a pretty exact copy of this recipe off as their own.
    When you run a search for the name of the recipe on Google, the pass off is the first result. Without linking to it and driving more traffic, you’ll know you’re in the right place if the blog is a clever name for a small baker.
    Just FYI. I love the book and couldn’t overlook the IP theft when I found it.

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