CranApple Cheese Mold

Thanksgiving is just days away and its time to start preparing for the feast (as demonstrated by the insanity I just witnessed at the grocery store). One good thing about jello is you can prepare in advance and unmold it before serving… cutting down on at least some of the last minute meal-time stress.  This pretty mold is made from tart cranberry juice, sliced apples, and cream cheese. Forget about cranberry sauce and throw this out on the dinner table instead. It will stand out among the mashed potatoes and greenbean casserole.   This is the last in series of Thanksgiving-time jello creations for KitchenDaily. Click to read the full article and learn how to make your own. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!



3/4 cup cold water
3 envelopes of Knox unflavored gelatin
4 cups cranberry juice
about 1 1/2 pealed and sliced apples
1 (8oz) package of cream cheese
A round or ring shaped mold


Step 1: In a medium bowl, sprinkle 3 envelopes of Knox evenly over 3/4 cup cold water and allow the gelatin to absorb the water for 2 minutes.

Step 2: In a medium saucepan, bring cranberry juice to a boil. Stir boiling juice into the bowl of gelatin for 2 minutes until the gelatin is completely dissolved. Refrigerate 2 cups of the cranberry gelatin mixture until it thickens to the consistency of gel.  Reserve the remaining 2 cups of gelatin at room temperature.

Step 3: Meanwhile arrange sliced apples in and over lapping pattern or “braid” the bottom of the mold.

Step 4: Gently spoon the thickened gelatin over the apples in the bottom of the mold. Refrigerate mold until the gelatin begins to set but is not firm. When mold is tilted the gelatin should not run but it should stick to your finger or the back of a spoon when touched.  If the gelatin is not set enough when you add the next layer the layers will run together. If it gets too firm, the layers will not adhere to each other and will slide apart when  unmolded.

Step 5: Meanwhile, in a medium bowl, beat softened cream cheese with remaining cranberry gelatin until smooth and creamy. Cream cheese can be softened by placing it in the microwave. Refrigerate cream cheese and gelatin mixture until it cools and begins to thicken.

Step 6: Gently spoon cream cheese mixture over the cranberry gelatin and apple layer in the mold. Refrigerate overnight to allow gelatin to get set.

Step 7: To unmold your gelatin mold, fill a sink, basin, or large bowl with warm water.  Dip the mold just to the rim in the warm water for about 10 seconds. Lift from water, hold upright, and shake slightly to loosen the gelatin from mold. Place a cold, moistened plate over the top of the mold and invert the plate and mold together. Carefully lift the mold, if gelatin does not release dip the mold in warm water and try again.

Makes about 5 cups.


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  1. Jon

    I did my first I used a copper bunt type mold I bought at a thrift store. I used the Agur Agur Mango type I bought at a local asian market. It smelled, looked tasted great however the texture was hard to handle Looks like I will go jello moving forward I am starting basic and will progress as I gather Ideas and gleen info to increase my skills

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