Kenosha Loves Jello

I found this photo on Flickr and had to share it.  FlyHeatherFly, a well-traveled flight attendant, snapped this pic at Woodman’s Grocery store in Kenosha, Wisconsin and claims this was only the tip of the jello mold iceberg as there was a complete isle dedicated to them. Who knew Kenosha loves jello?

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  1. Big Sister

    Why yes!!!! the Mid-westerners here in this frozen tundra do eat (lbs.) of pre-made Jello. Any color, any flavor, any time.

  2. jaxon

    Greetings from Wisconsin! Talk of bizarre Jello recipes has been dominating our neighborhood dinner conversations recently. It all started with a Jello Cookery book from the 50s or 60s and just took off from there. A friend featured your blog on her fb profile a couple days ago and mentioned a WI shoutout, so here’s our shoutback.
    Happy cooking!

  3. Hanada

    i’m so glad to have found your wonderful blog!

    i was curious as to what the jell-o desserts with what looks like cream are called? also do you have a recipe for them? thanks. 🙂

  4. Shane

    Hey! I live like 20 minutes away from that Woodman’s! The grocery store was started in my hometown of Janesville, WI. Cool(whip) Blog!!

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