Jello Submarine

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A few years ago I featured fellow Brooklyn photographer and food artist Henry Hargreaves‘ gelatinized presidential portraits. Well, now he is out with a new set of saccharine recreations of notable historical men… the Beatles! John, Paul George and Ringo all get the jello treatment with their caricatures lifted straight from Yellow Submarine. See his full process and learn more about the project here.



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I am a huge fan of Cuddly Rigor Mortis‘ paintings of anthropomorphic food and animals (sometimes cavorting together) and jump at the opportunity to feature her jello mold related work. This painting showcases the special bond between a green jello mold and his cherry-on-top… that bond being a dollop of whipped cream. Cute! “Jiggle” is from her upcoming solo show Happy Food at Gallery 1988 in LA that opens May 15th. If you’re in the area, check it out!

Is it spring yet?

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jelly crop

I don’t know what’s happening where you are but here in Brooklyn its still cold despite it being almost April. I took a little jello-hiatus over the long, cold winter but rest assured warm weather and more jello both on their way! I have been working on some very special recipes for eHow and the Food Network for the summer season and will be unveiling them soon. In the meantime, enjoy this yummy looking strawberry jelly illustration that reminds me of one of my late and great jello creations, the Swedish Fish. Happy spring!

Wibble Wobble

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Wibble Wobble

We just had our first really warm and summery weekend here in Brooklyn and my thoughts turned to lounging poolside and having fun in the sun. That’s when I came across this jello-mold-meets-pool-party illustration by East Londoner Jack Hudson. The image is part of a series of work titled ‘If I were Small’ in which he “playfully explores what it would be like to be really tiny in the vast world we live in, whether it’s sailing the waves of an ice cold beverage or having a pool party in some translucent pink jelly”. See his jelly mold (as they call it across the pond… and in the rest of the English-speaking world for that matter) and other illustrations in this series here on Jack’s blog. Happy almost summer!    .

Hamster Holiday Shopping

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Zoey Xmas Taxi
You may remember Zoey the hamster earlier this year getting ready to whip up a recipe or two from my book, Hello Jell-O!. Well, she’s back and trying desperately to hail a cab after a long day of Christmas shopping in New York City. Its so hard to catch a cab in Midtown especially when you’re a hamster! See more of my fun hamster photography here and Happy Holidays!

Jell-O Presidents

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Tomorrow is election day and for the occasion New York based artist and photographer Henry Hargreaves has created a series of presidential portraits composed of carefully molded Jell-O. Information about each president is encoded in the portraits including the use of color, red and blue, to indicate political lean. Read more about the project here and check out some process photos on Henry’s facebook page. Also, regardless of your preference for cherry or blueberry flavored presidential candidates, don’t forget to get out there and vote!

Jello Study

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Visual artist Rafaël Rozendaal, who uses the internet as his canvas, created Jello Time that I featured way back in 2009. I recently came across another jello animation he created as a guest post for Today and Tomorrow. If you stare at it long enough, it really is quite hypnotic.  His other notable works unrelated to jello that I really love are Unlike the Rest and Paper Toilet.

Color Me Jello

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Inspired by the colorfully creative and talented Katie Sokoler and her blog Color Me Katie I decided to make a super bright and shiny Color Me Jello. And since it was Katie’s birthday and since she lives in my neighborhood, I decided I’d just pop by and present it to her. Tickled, she took some fun photos of me and my jello. For this jello I followed the Rainbow Mold recipe but added an extra top layer of suspended strawberries. Thanks for the wonderful photo Katie!

There’s Always Room

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I recently got an email from Kristin Tercek, the very talented artist behind Cuddly Rigor Mortis, thanking me for serving as inspiration for her latest painting There’s Always Room.  Honored and amazed, I had to share her rendition of how fruit ends up suspended in a jello mold– it plunges in from the high dive of course! Her painting will be on display at the Food For Thought exhibition at Summit Medical Group in Berkeley Heights, NJ- March 30th through September 30th. Thank you Kristin!

Hamster-size Hello Jell-O!

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A couple of Christmases ago I photographed Edie the Hamster ready to serve her own jello mold creation (this shortly after her infamous subway ride). Now her successor, Zoey, attempts a jello recipe for herself after receiving her very own hamster-sized copy of my new book Hello Jell-O!. Get your human-sized copy today!

Martha Rich’s jello-inspired paintings

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As one of the artists for Food Lust: Shock Candy (for which I served up jello at the opening reception last week), Martha Rich created a series of paintings on vintage cookbook pages featuring cakes and jello molds. I saw the above painting and recognized it immediately.  The inspiration for this particular painting was my very own Peaches & Cream Jello! Honored, I had to share her work here. Martha works in both the commercial and fine art fields. Her commercial work has been featured in Rolling Stone, CosmoGirl, Bon Appetite, and used in music videos for Beck and Less Than Jake. She has been shown in galleries across the country including the Santa Monica Museum of Art, La Luz de Jesus Gallery in LA, and CultureFix Gallery in NY. Check out more of her work on her website.

Jello Newtown Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant

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Purple Digester Eggs For my entry in the year’s Gowanus Studio Space Jell-O Mold Competition I made this jello and plastic replica of the Newtown Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant. A striking piece of engineering and architecture located a mere 500 yards from my apartment. The facility has been a point of interest for me since moving in to my neighborhood and a frequent photographic subject. I used 1 liter bottles to mold the gelatin “digester eggs” flavored with raspberry and french vanilla and used food die to mimic the color of the eggs lit at night. Super bright LED lights were used to illuminate the jello from behind. I competed against many wonderful and creative entries and sadly did not win. However, since being inspired by the architectural jellos of Liz Hickock and Bompas and Parr, this is a project I’ve wanted to take on for a while and am very happy with the finished product.  Congratulation to all the winners of the competition!

Photos of the event will be posted on the GSS website this week, but in the meantime Eater covered the event and Gothamist gave me some love. I wasn’t able to be at the actual competition since I was out-of-town so a very special thank you to Starr and Art for representing me! And thank you to Marie for helping me construct the catwalks for the model.

Jell-O Mold Design Competition

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This weekend at the Gowanus Studio Space in Brooklyn is the 2nd Annual Jell-O Mold Competition! Competitors will battle it out for mold supremacy and my entry will be in the running. I am very exciting to see what I am up against as last year’s winners were very crafty. Come on out if you are in the area: Saturday, June 26th from 6 to 10pm, 166 7th Street, Brooklyn.  If not, stay tuned for photos of my unique design.

Jello Graffiti

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Miss Heather over at sent me this photo that she snapped of some street art here in Greenpoint Brooklyn, that I swear I didn’t do, despite my love of jello and wiener dogs.  Maybe I have a spray-can-happy fan? Thanks Miss Heather!

Claire’s Jello Watercolors – part II

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I previously featured Claire’s watercolors on my blog and now she is out with a second set of  jello inspired, hand-painted, cards. Very cute, Claire. Keep up the good work!

There’s somthing in my Jello.

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A couple of people pointed out these jello prints to me from and I think they are fantastic! The artist created them by printing the black objects as an archival digital print, then silk-screening the jello over them.  One can choose from two classic jello flavors:  Orange with pill, hair, ring and key, or Lime with button, hair and razor blade. Check out mrsloaf’s store on Etsy.

Merry Christmas

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Merry Christmas from Edie the Hamster, the real Jello Mold Mistress of Brooklyn! (More of my ham-tastic photography can be found here.)

Kenosha Loves Jello

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I found this photo on Flickr and had to share it.  FlyHeatherFly, a well-traveled flight attendant, snapped this pic at Woodman’s Grocery store in Kenosha, Wisconsin and claims this was only the tip of the jello mold iceberg as there was a complete isle dedicated to them. Who knew Kenosha loves jello?

Claire’s Jello Watercolors

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Blueberry Cream

Lemon Mousse

Cupcake jello

Claire, for whom I made the Mimosa Jello, has been stretching her artistic wings and was inspired by my jellos.  She painted these cute greeting cards in watercolor of her favorite jellos.  Adorable!

Jello Time

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Clickable, wiggly, Jello animation by Rafaël Rozendaal and Reinier Feijen.

Hours of entertainment!

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