Peaches & Cream (with Schnapps)

John Peach JelloJohn and Lans enjoy my Peach Schnapps Jello at a Labor Day BBQ.  This Jello is composed of Peach jello with canned peaches and Schnapps on the top layer and sweetened condensed milk on the bottom layer.Lans Peach Jello

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  1. Hi there! I made your Peaches & Cream dessert (my first-ever attempt at moulded gelatin) for my boyfriend’s 60s-themed “Mad Men” party. It actually worked!

    Though it didn’t look quite as perfect as your photo, I was estatic and was also impressed by how nice it tasted.

    Inspired by success, I also made a light blue (lemonade flavour) fish-shaped gelatin as well, with suspended fruit in it that made it look like the fish had been eating goldfish.

    I love the stuff on your blog and will definitely be trying more gelatin concoctions in future. Thanks for the inspiration!

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