Anise Jello

Recently Art and Marty took a vacation to Mexico and brought back an assortment of Mexican jello for me. Included among usual tropical fruit flavors was the more unusual anise flavored gelatin. Anise is a seed that tastes similar to sweet liquorish. I topped off the gelatin with wafers sandwiched with Nutella hazelnut cocoa spread.  The result was delicious.  I brought the jello to work and served it to my co-workers for Laura‘s birthday.

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4 Responses

  1. Ann Wilson

    OMG. You are not giving recipes out, are you? Each one that you make is better looking, and seems to be more unique that the rest. I am going to make one of your creations one of these days. There are a lot of Hispanic stores in my town in Colorado, so I am going to look for their versions of Jello, or flan. You inspire me! Oh, first I have to buy a mold Ann

  2. Erin P.

    Your site is delightful! I am constantly impressed by your wonderful concoctions. What kind of camera do you use to take the photos? They are stunning!

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