Jello Pretzel Salad

February 1, 2010 at 3:24 am | Posted in CoolWhip, CreamCheese, Pretzel, Strawberry | 9 Comments
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Starr told me about this strawberry Jello and cream cheese layered dish with a crushed pretzel crust that was a childhood favorite and a staple at family gatherings in her Pennsylvania hometown growing up. I’ve been wanting try it for a while so I made it for Starr for her birthday. I followed the recipe from The Girl Who Ate Everything. (In retrospect I would have used less Cool Whip, as little as one cup, as my cheese layer came out too runny and sweet.)  Happy Birthday Starr!


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  1. Those are not three words I expected to see strung together today! But I guess I should have known better. Hi Victoria

  2. I loved it so much, you are truly the greatest Jello chef of all time. Gush! XX

    • Thank you Starr. I’m so glad you liked it!

  3. i’ve had this before and it is delicious! not so good the next day though, the pretzels get soggy.

    i love your pictures! and your creative way with jello.

    • Thank you!

  4. This “pretzel cake” is a longstanding favorite in my family – my mom is willing to make it about once a year for a special occasion, and my sister and I, always total opposites, split it – she takes the top layer, and I take the bottom two🙂 Definitely better with frozen strawberries in heavy syrup though.

    • Great story! Thank you!

  5. Love that website (and yours too!)…have tried this recipe twice. The second time I used half a tub of cool whip and the consistency turned out much better. Also, the pretzels need to be crushed to about 1/4″ pieces or smaller to keep the bottom layer from crumbling. It’s an odd recipe, but it disappears fast!

  6. If you make sure to totally seal off the pretzel layer with the cool whip layer, then the pretzels wont get soggy.🙂 definitly a favorite down here in western pa.

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