Jello Pretzel Salad

Starr told me about this strawberry Jello and cream cheese layered dish with a crushed pretzel crust that was a childhood favorite and a staple at family gatherings in her Pennsylvania hometown growing up. I’ve been wanting try it for a while so I made it for Starr for her birthday. I followed the recipe from The Girl Who Ate Everything. (In retrospect I would have used less Cool Whip, as little as one cup, as my cheese layer came out too runny and sweet.)  Happy Birthday Starr!

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  1. cindy

    i’ve had this before and it is delicious! not so good the next day though, the pretzels get soggy.

    i love your pictures! and your creative way with jello.

  2. This “pretzel cake” is a longstanding favorite in my family – my mom is willing to make it about once a year for a special occasion, and my sister and I, always total opposites, split it – she takes the top layer, and I take the bottom two 🙂 Definitely better with frozen strawberries in heavy syrup though.

  3. Betsy

    Love that website (and yours too!)…have tried this recipe twice. The second time I used half a tub of cool whip and the consistency turned out much better. Also, the pretzels need to be crushed to about 1/4″ pieces or smaller to keep the bottom layer from crumbling. It’s an odd recipe, but it disappears fast!

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