Eggnog Jello

December 22, 2009 at 3:39 am | Posted in Alcohol, Booze, Eggnog, Rum | 6 Comments
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This gelatinous version of a favorite holiday beverage is comprised of an eggnog layer on the top and a creamy dark rum layer on the bottom. A sprinkling of cinnamon and nutmeg add the finishing touch. Art gave this mold at my Jello Birthday Party. Thanks Art!


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  1. magnificent! looks like the egg nog that ate new york.

  2. So do you share recipes??

    • I’ve been reluctant to give away all my secrets but there has been a demand for recipes so I may have to start sharing. I there a particular jello you want a recipe for?

      • Eggnog … Vodka Tonic … Peaches & Cream with Schnapps … for my part, any of those would be just fantastic!🙂

  3. These are simply amazing! Why haven’t you written a recipe book (for those of us more challenged in the kitchen?) You could even self-publish on your website – I know I’d buy it!

    • Thank you! A recipe book is production now with Ten Speed/Random House. Stay tuned for more information about the book on the blog. I am very glad you enjoy my sight!

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