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Mudslide Jello

I rang in the new year over the weekend with a little something boozy from the book.  This very rich and creamy Mudslide jello, fashioned after the cocktail, is made with generous amounts of coffee and Irish cream liqueurs, heavy cream, and a touch of vodka. A little cocoa powder tops it off (whipped cream and/or chocolate syrup would also be good).  Have a happy New Year everyone!

4 thoughts on “Mudslide Jello

  1. Help me out here.
    Many different “jello” powders on the market. Many different price points.
    What are the issues I may have when I buy cheap “jello” brands. 5 boxes for $1.00 is a great bargain but I never find the well known brands this cheap.

    1. Well, Trevor, I usually buy Jell-O brand gelatin but I sometimes get my local store brand gelatin and I have never noticed a difference. At 75 to 99 cents a box, the price has never been an issue. I haven’t seen jello as cheap as 5 for a dollar… I would check the expiration date and as long as its fresh it should be fine.

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