Boxing Kitten Launch Party

For my first Jello catering gig I was commissioned to make mini jellos for a 50s style, Hawaiian themed, fashion party for the vintage inspired clothing designer Boxing Kitten. I made mini versions of the Peaches & Cream Jello, the Mandarin Melon Jello, and Pineapple Jello.

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5 Responses

  1. Nora

    These are awesome! I collect vintage jello (and Jiffy Jell and unmarked molds!) molds and was so excited to see your site and the resurrection of the world’s most fun dessert 🙂

  2. Jon

    I am also so excited with your web site. I stumbled on this looking for new and fun ideas for my Catering business. I beleive great food must have much more than the apperance of love, Love must be infussed into every facet of it from start to finish. These Molds have this Love and I am greatful for people like you sharing your love with us all. I am inspired and moved to do jello molding as yet another stepping stone of sharing my love of food with others

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