Fruit Parfait Jello

After a few practice jellos and unmolding mishaps to gruesome to show photos of, I created my first successful Jel-ring jello mold. This mold is strawberry Jello with chopped blueberries and strawberries throughout and a Cool Whip layer on the bottom.

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  1. Nicole

    Hi, Jello Mold Mistress of Brooklyn…My Mom was raised in Brooklyn, and she used to make a similar recipe for all of our holiday meals. She passed before I got the recipe. I want to make this mold, but I had a few questions if you do not mind…

    1) In my Mom’s there was a layer of just white coolwhip (not mixed with the roomtemp amount). I would like to do the same. I have absolutely no experience trying this. Should I do the layer of cool whip after the fruit addition, and then the room temp after the coolwhip, or will that just not work? Or do I do the coolwhip at the bottom instead? Any suggestions would be appreciated…

    2) Will I have just as good a result with a metal bundt as plastic? I do not have the old Tupperware one.

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